Reader Reviews: The Skinny Years

Out of the melting pot. Into the fire.

"What is special about this book is that it is complete in the best sense of the word. There is a great satisfaction in reading the last pages of this story, and it richly rewards the reader for the journey taken."
Sara Templeton

"If you like moving stories of family, with all the laughter and tears that go with it, you’ll LOVE this book. An entertaining and evocative tale."
Dom Cimei

"I actually didn't want the story to end. You'll fall in love with the characters, you'll feel their struggle. I will read this book again and recommend you do the same. Great writing!"
Diane Dolan

"The Skinny Years, is a lovely tale of the past. Well remembered, told with lots of amor."
Belinda Osorio


"A story of courage, survival, and humor that will not soon be forgotten."
Janelle Meraz Hooper

"This is just a plain great read whether you have an interest in Cuba or not, but what a great coincidence to have it out as the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba is opening up. Very exciting."
Riley Brolan

"The Skinny Years reminds me of my own childhood, trying to grow up in a world where things don’t always make sense, where culture, language and family dynamics all get thrown into a giant blender."
Jesse Luna

"An entertaining and thoughtful slice of life about growing up as a Cuban American in Miami. A good read!"
Kate Hagenbuch

"A highly readable coming-of-age tale, Ramos y Sánchez assures readers that when immigrants are allowed to leave behind their former selves at their own pace, renovated identities will emerge."
Silvio Sirias





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